Monday, December 14, 2009

Party Sushi Platters

If you would like to place an order for a Party Tray, please call us at least a day ahead. If that is not possible, a noontime call for an evening pick-up is okay.

Party Tray #1 (39pc) – $45
  • nigiri sushi: 
    • 3pc maguro, 3pc hamachi, 3pc sake, 3pc white tuna, 3pc unagi
  • rolls and maki: 
    • tekka maki (6pc), negihama (6pc), sake maki (6pc), california roll (6pc)
Party Tray #2 (58pc) – $75
  • nigiri sushi: 
    • 4pc maguro, 4pc hamachi, 4pc sake, 4pc white tuna, 4pc unagi, 4pc ebi
  • rolls and maki: 
    • rainbow roll (8pc), dragon roll (8pc), tekka maki (6pc),
      spicy tuna roll (6pc), california roll (6pc)
Party Tray #3 (56pc): Veggie Tray – $38
  • maki (7 maki, 6pc each): 
    • ume maki, kappa maki, yamagobo maki, oshinko maki, avocado maki, asparagus tempura maki, shiitake mushroom maki
  • rolls: 2 mixed veggie rolls (4pc x2)
  • and 6pc inari
Party Tray #4 (61pc) – $56
  • nigiri sushi: 
    • 2pc maguro, 2pc hamachi, 2pc sake, 2pc unagi, 2pc ebi
  • rolls: 
    • spider roll (4pc), unagi with cucumber roll (6pc),
      salmon with green onion roll (6pc), tuna with green onion roll (6pc),
      hamachi with green onion roll (6pc), avocado & tobiko roll (6pc)
  • maki: 
    • saba with gari (ginger) maki (4pc)

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